Writing a section 504 plan powerpoint

Parents are often confused about the difference between the two options, which one is more appropriate and offers more protection for their child.

Writing a section 504 plan powerpoint

Slide7 What is Section ? A part of the Rehabilitation Act of that prohibits discrimination based upon disability. An anti-discrimination, civil rights statute that requires the needs of students with disabilities to be met as adequately as the needs of the non-disabled are met.

Slide10 Eligibility Criteria-Two Questions 1: Does the student have a qualifying physical or mental impairment determined, as a result of an evaluation? Does the physical or mental impairment substantially limit one or more major life activities?

Must answer yes to both Slide11 Second Prong: Has a Record of a Disability Why is such a student not eligible for a Plan?

Because the student does not have a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities. However, the student is protected against discrimination. Has a Record of a Disability Example: High school student had bone cancer at age 6;The coach will not let the student try out for the team and is afraid he will be hurt;The student is protected against discrimination based on a record of having a disability; The student has the right to try out for the team if otherwise qualified grades, etc.

However, the student is Slide14 Example A class is going on a field trip to the glass museum.

writing a section 504 plan powerpoint

The teacher calls the parent and says that the student can only go on the trip if the parent accompanies the student. Is this an example of discrimination based on a perceived disability?

The teacher is not asking other parents to accompany their child for specific reasons.

Assessment & Accountability

Slide16 Regarded As Having a Disability If the impairment is actual broken arm or perceived the bull in the china shopand you discriminate against the person because of the actual or perceived impairment, it is considered a violation of His physical impairment did not substantially limit him in any way.

Construe eligibility language in favor of broad coverageIt seems in cases where the eligibility question could go either way, Congress would have the Team determine the student is eligible.Emergency Action Plan *This plan will be a useful tool when child enters school WRITTEN PLAN: in writing Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / srmvision.com Section May apply in preschool setting Schools that receive federal funds.

Writing Goals and Short-Term Objectives Annual goals state what your child will learn and be able to do. They are supported by measurable short-term objectives (see below). To be eligible for protections under Section , children must have physical or mental impairments that substantially limit at least one major life activity such as walking, talking, seeing, breathing, hearing, learning, reading, writing, working, caring for oneself, and performing manual tasks.

Maintaining Student Records and Meeting Confidentiality Requirements under the. FAMILY EDUCATIONAL RIGHTS AND PRIVACY ACT—. F E R P A.

writing a section 504 plan powerpoint


Who is covered under Section 504?

ELPS in the Language Arts Classroom Region 10 Education and Section and of the Rehabilitation Act of , as amended. Region 10 Education Service Center will take steps to ensure that lack of English language skills will not Language Domain- Writing. SAMPLE PRESENTATION SCRIPT Introduction Distribute handouts.

• Making Library Resources Accessible to People with According to Section of the Rehabilitation Act of () and the Americans with Disabilities Act of (ADA), “no otherwise proactively and deliberately plan for accessi-bility.

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