Write a play in elementary school

As one of the arts, it balances the study of sciences and humanities to give students a creative outlet and exposes them to another sphere of learning.

Write a play in elementary school

If, like me, you often think elementary school "class plays" are of questionable value, our project may change your mind. What follows is a description of the process by which my drama students, their classroom teachers, and I created a play about the Oregon Trail that was both informative and entertaining for its audience and enriching and personal for its creators.

This project was an experiment, and it often seemed likely to fail, but the result was ultimately so successful that I though it would be useful for other teachers to see how we did it. I am not suggesting that you necessarily try to imitate our project exactly, but I think that there is much of value to be found in this account.

Rather than setting forth a series of instructions for other teachers to follow, I will try to describe both the successes and the failures we encountered along the way. Every teacher has a personal style, and will adapt the project to suit that style.

I'll narrate the process from idea through the preparation, writing, rehearsing, performance and "post mortem.

write a play in elementary school

I teach primarily in our Lower School, which consists of pre-Kindergarten Jr. K through fifth grade.

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I teach one period per week of creative drama with each class in the school 20 in all. In addition, I assist with classroom projects that have elements of drama or theatre in them, coordinate the Lower School boys' participation in pep rallies and the like, and generally serve as a resource for anyone and everyone.

I also direct plays in Upper School. The Lower School Drama program in place is my creation--the school had never had a drama teacher or any dramatic arts curriculum at the elementary level until I was hired to create it. It has not always been easy to win acceptance for drama in a school whose teachers, to a limited extent, and whose parents, to a much greater extent, tend towards the conservative and the "3 Rs.

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Except in grade 5, the school day is divided between classroom teachers, who teach language arts, math, and social studies, along with related subjects to one homeroom, and "special teachers," who teach a single subject to multiple homerooms and grade levels, who come to them one or more times a week.

I am the only drama teacher, so I see every child in the school. This "assembly" is in essence a class play.

This tradition dates from long before drama was introduced as a curricular subject at the Lower School level, and the "plays" have traditionally been put together by the three classroom teachers at each grade level.

Those of you who are practicing drama teachers will understand that this tradition rather dismayed me when I arrived here. Such "class plays," as traditionally handled, exist almost entirely for the gratification of parents, and are of little educational value.

Depending on the degree of polish the teachers demand, they can be unduly stressful, and can even, in extreme cases, instill an early fear or hatred of the theatre in children.

I must insist that I saw no signs of such extremes at this school when I arrived, and concluded that the "assemblies" were at worst neutral in impact, and sometimes educational.ReadWriteThink has hundreds of standards-based lesson plans written and reviewed by educators using current research and the best instructional practices.

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