Teachers should emphasize patriotism and heroes essay

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Teachers should emphasize patriotism and heroes essay

Despite the fact that patriotism is commonly associated with positive feelings such as unity, unselfishness, and love, it can be argued that patriotism is an unnatural sentiment that creates bias, and is a major cause of war. Furthermore, efforts to include patriotism in schools at any level are essentially indoctrination, not education.

Loving other people makes sense, and is surely beneficial for society as a whole. Such love arises naturally for individuals one comes in contact with and works and plays with.

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A neighborhood, a workplace, a county, a prefecture, a nation and all of humanity benefit from loving, cooperative and altruistic behavior. Patriotism, however, extols the virtues of targeting a particular group of individuals to love.

With what logic—and to whose benefit—is it to focus almost exclusively on national unity as opposed to community, state, or global unity? Citizens of a nation are largely strangers. Nations contain a huge number of individuals with diverse ideas and ways of thinking.

The history of any country, presented as the history of a family, conceals fierce conflicts of interest between conquerors and conquered, masters and slaves, capitalists and workers, dominators and dominated in race and sex.

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However, tracing ancestry back just a few more generations, Japanese can find their supposed family is merely part of a larger family, of Koreans, Chinese, Portuguese, and innumerable other races. Keep tracing ancestry and we arrive in Africa and the birth of the human species.

There is no logical or biological reason to limit the notion of family to those within national borders. The broader and profounder concept of family embraces all of humanity, if not all living creatures.

If a person can love hundreds of millions of strangers as patriotism implies, surely it would be better advised to spread that affection and commitment to all of humanity.

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With patriotism, the feelings of love and unity are always narrowly focused on those within national borders. McConnell is an academic, author, and defender of patriotism. Citizens of a nation are artificial constructs; looking at a person, there is no way to know her citizenship.

Patriotism as Loyalty to National Government Wikipedia notes that patriots should be willing to sacrifice even their own lives for the state.

Teachers should emphasize patriotism and heroes essay

Loyalty means to remain faithful despite circumstances. In fact, wars rely on the loyalty of its citizens. He traces the history of compulsory schooling to Prussia.

From its inception, public school education was not envisioned as a way to cultivate the human spirit, but as a way to make the individual loyal to his or her nation. Schools dropped the salute during the second World War. Martin does, however, offer some facts, troubling to critics of the Pledge.

Sinceseventeen U. Unfortunately, this clinging to old ways of patriotism and indoctrination are not limited to the United States. Japan has recently made similar moves for its own patriotic expressions. In Japan, where patriotism had been discouraged in the years following World War II, pressure is building to make school children more patriotic.

Some critics of the new law saw shades of an edict that decreed children must recite stanzas of patriotic praise before the portrait of the Emperor. That very year a Hiroshima principle who was caught in a controversy involving teachers who refused to stand for the Kimigayo during school ceremonies, and pressure from the school board who demanded they stand, committed suicide.

In particular, Tokyo teachers have suffered the brunt of punishments against teachers who refuse to stand. Those who refuse to stand have been suspended without pay, frequently transferred to schools far away from their homes, not allowed home-room duties, and even abused physically and verbally by students.

One teacher in particular, Kimiko Nezu, has taken the school board to court over the suspensions, and won. Undaunted, the board has appealed to the Japanese supreme court. A verdict is expected in People like Thoreau, two of my history teachers, a band called Rage Against the Machine, Howard Zinn, Teachers should emphasize Patriotism and heroes.

He thinks students should be patriotism. And Howard Zinn is a historian. He think students should have critical thinking. He loves me with all his heart and would do anything to give me a better life.

A few days ago my dad had a fight with my brother Josh because of all the things he says about my family and me.3/5(1). In my opinion teachers should emphasize patriotism and students should focus on learning to be proud of their country and of the heroes of the past.

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I agree with Gibbon about students should respect our heroes at the past, because the heroes had contribution to the country. Should we teach patriotic history and teach patriotism in our schools?

Politicians, professors of higher education, parents, students, and citizens should all have a vested interest in these two issues. Patriotism is based upon the idea of a nation and its central institution, the srmvision.comtism in modern India is thus qualitatively different from the love of one’s .

Patriotism and National Pride Essay. B. Pages Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay. It is patriotism that unites the people and enables them to rise above narrow sectarian and other interests.

do the teachers feed the kids with the required information on freedom stuggle and the pioneers who fought for it? Nope. I.

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