Students should be restricted to leave school during lunch breaks

Should students be allowed to leave school during lunch time? Students should have an allotted time to return to school grounds, and be punished accordingly if they do not return at that time. I believe that if there were a big enough petition then a school may actually consider allowing students to leave, but until then I personally do not see it happening.

Students should be restricted to leave school during lunch breaks

Students should be restricted to leave school during lunch breaks

Home 6 Pros and Cons of Open Campus Lunch 6 Pros and Cons of Open Campus Lunch When a high school has an open campus lunch policy, it basically allows students to leave the school during lunchtime as well as any other free periods they may have.

This used to be widespread in the past decades although it has become less common in the recent years, with more and more schools deciding to keep their students inside the premises until the school day ends. Many people think that having an open campus lunch can be beneficial for students, but there are also those who think that it only invites trouble.

List of Pros of Open Campus Lunch 1.


It helps teens develop into mature adults. It also helps them develop their decision-making skills and learn how to make choices that will improve their lives. Of course, since it pushes them to interact with people other than their teachers and classmates, it can assist them in enhancing their communication and social skills.

It helps the local economy. An open campus lunch encourages students to eat at nearby cafes, bistros, restaurants, and other kinds of dining establishments. This, in turn, helps these businesses boost their revenues and sales and keeps the local economy strong and vibrant.

It allows teens to enjoy a varied diet. List of Cons of Open Campus Lunch 1. It exposes teens to the temptation to do wrong. Others get tempted by their peers to use drugs, trespass, break into homes or establishments, or just loiter around. When schools are closed for lunch, parents have peace of mind knowing that their children are right where they want them to be.

This can cause them to spend their time worrying about their kids instead of focusing on their work. It increases the chances of teens getting into accidents.

One of the most common accidents that can happen to them is getting hit by a vehicle when they cross the streets.

Students should be restricted to leave school during lunch breaks

If they take their car from school to find a place to eat, they can collide with other cars or hit pedestrians. Conclusion Having an open campus lunch can bring several advantages as well as disadvantages.Feb 16,  · I feel that students should be able to leave school property during the lunch break.

In this area, it’s not a secret that schools in this area are smaller than those in a big city. Our schools cannot give as many options for . News, The effects of gun control on the people of america sports, features, obituaries, advertising, and special online features Social changes in america in the s from the students should be restricted to leave school during lunch breaks city's daily newspaper.

High Schools Should Permit Students to Leave for Lunch with Rules in Place. A majority of high schools serve and offer various meals each day during the academic school year, and some high schools even have monthly calendars for what they plan to serve so students know ahead of time and have the option to bring a packed lunch or .

What do elementary school teachers do on their lunch breaks?

Feb 16,  · By allowing students to leave school during the lunchtime hours, schools would be offering pupils the freedom of being able to take a break from the day and have some free time with friends. By KATRINA SPINELLI Windber I strongly believe students should be allowed to . Students should be allowed to go outside of school for lunch. This is important because not a lot of students actually like the lunch food that public schools supply us with. Actually 9/10 students would eat something else besides lunch food if they had a choice. It's not healthy, or sanitary. Pros & Cons of Longer School Lunches. by Tameka McSpadden the lunch period is often the only time children are able to talk to friends. Longer lunch breaks give students more opportunities to enjoy social interaction with peers. Shorter school lunches make it easier for school officials to keep track of students during lunch or catch.

Update Cancel. Many teachers at that level eat lunch with their students which may leave as little as minutes to actually consume their food.

Do teachers take toilet breaks during class? Oct 25,  · During their two-hour lunch break, they can eat at home or at a restaurant. But students in the Philippines have a tougher schedule. They have only two 15 minute breaks and an hour for lunch.

Students must have their pass on them at all times during school hours and are not allowed to leave campus for lunch without it.

Out For Lunch Please

Students without the passes are not permitted to go with them, and they’re not allowed to bring food back for them. Students must show their passes to teachers or principals at the exit.

In a conversation with Mr. Akins, our newest assistant principal, he told me his views on why we .

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