Strategic planning process essay

Timeline What's Happening Now? The purpose of this update is to provide design guidance that reflects the substantial change in the neighborhood since when the current design guidelines were approved, include new direction recommended by neighborhood stakeholders through the U District Urban Design Framework process, and provide guidance in the application of new development standards adopted as part of the University District rezone legislation.

Strategic planning process essay

Origins[ edit ] Johan Roos and Bart Victor created the "Serious Play" concept and process in the mids as way to enable managers to describe, create and challenge their views on their business. The conceptual foundation of Serious Play combines ideas from constructivism Piagetits subsequent version constructionism Harel and Papertcomplex adaptive system theory Holland and autopoietic corporate epistemology von Krogh and Roos ; applied to the context of management and organizations.

How About Some Serious Play?

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From experiment to product[ edit ] Initially the owner of the Lego Company, Mr. Kjeld Kirk Kristiansenwas hesitant but presented with the early findings he became Strategic planning process essay that Roos and Victor's ideas had value and decided to encourage and sponsor a commercial application under the auspices of the Lego Company.

As a first step he ensured Roos and Victor could use the talents of designer Paul H. Howells from the Lego Company in the UK. This resulted in a company called Executive Discovery that is now a member of the Lego family of companies. For the first few years, Bart Victor led the product development and commercialization process of Serious Play through Executive Discovery, with which he invited Mr.

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Recently, the Lego company decided to go from a partner based community to open source, releasing the methodology under a Creative Commons licence. Encouraged by an initial donation from Mr. The foundation is neither affiliated to the Lego Company nor Executive Discovery in any way.

Over the next few years, he led the theoretical and clinical research pursued by a team of scholars with backgrounds in philosophy, anthropology, sociology, psychology, music and the management disciplines.

During his leadership, the foundation secured more than CHF 13 million in donations from large corporations, including the Lego Company, Microsoft, EMC, Firmenich, Nokia and Orange and experimented with some 1, managers in a variety of organizations.

Imagination Lab established a Working Paper [8] series and a series of short publications for practitioners that report the findings from the research and bout and with Serious Play based ideas processes, broadly defined. InPalgrave Macmillan published Roos' book Thinking from Within that synthesizes a decade of conceptual and applied research on Serious Play-like processes with a range of materials in addition to Lego bricks.

In this book Dr. Roos also introduces ideas and processes of socio-drama, collective virtuosity and practical wisdom that go beyond the initial ideas of Serious Play, hence the notion of thinking "from within". Inthe method was further developed for use in schools. Teachers are trained to use it with students from six years old.

The objectives are the same; to foster creative thinking and teamwork, with focus on facilitating a process that enables deeper reflection and constructive dialogue.

The method has also been adapted for use in higher education as a tool for teaching and learning, research, and ideation Nolan Research and experimentations lead to a derived method [11] for one-to-one Legoviews - LSP interviews [12] that has been developed in by P. Bertini and widely tested in several environments, i.

Palestine, Israel, Occupy London, with filmmakers, artists, activists. Most interviews are published on the London Progressive Journal. That is, it is an activity limited in time and space, structured by rules, conventions or agreements among the players, uncoerced by authority figures, and drawing on elements of fantasy and creative imagination.

Constructionism - Based on the ideas of Seymour Papertwhich built in turn on the Constructivist theories of Papert's colleague Jean Piaget.

Strategic planning process essay

Papert argued that learning happens especially well when people are engaged in constructing a product, something external to themselves such as a sand castle, a machine, a computer program or a book. Imagination - Throughout history, the term "imagination" has been given many different cultural and linguistic connotations.

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While all share the basic idea that humans have a unique ability to "form images" or to "imagine" something, the variety of uses of the term "imagination" implies not one, but at least three meanings: From the point of view of Lego Serious Play, it is the interplay between these three kinds of imagination that make up strategic imagination — the source of original strategies in companies.

Academic publications[ edit ] Harn, P. Psychological Studies, 62 2: A state of the art of its application in Europe. Embodied Metaphors in Practice.Students who apply to TJHSST are beginning one of two parts of the freshman admissions process. Students must enter through Door 8 (which faces the Gold's Gym shopping center).

Parents should pick up at Door 8. Williamsburg Middle School Students must enter through Door 4 (located outside of the. Open Document.

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Strategic planning assumes and incorporates the likelihood of a changing environment that will require adjustments in the identified goals and the process of achieving them.

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