Role of geography in international marketing

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Role of geography in international marketing

In order to achieve this purpose, this paper is organized in the following sections: In the next section, Impact of Internet and changing of marketing mix face, benefits of going online, and the issues in marketing via Internet will be discussed, and finally the conclusion of the paper.

While these changes are challenging, it can make the life more convenience. Advance communications means as Internet leads organizations which are market-driven become more skilled at how to do business locally and internationally.

The primary reason for all these changes has been the dramatic and explosive evolution of technology and the matching opening of global markets. The multinational organization would pursue strategies to achieve rapid increases in growth through technology improvement.

This growth was followed by problems concerning effective and professional methods of getting these new markets. Besides the developing of technology, communications principles also have changed and this communication revolution has affected the marketing world.

Role of geography in international marketing

Advanced technology provides a fundamentally different environment for international marketing. Companies will have more freedom to locate a service or product where it can best be produced, rather than near its market.

Some kinds of work will be organized in three shifts based on the world's three main time zones: Time zones and language groups rather than mileage will come to define distance.

Barriers and borders will break down. The horizontal bonds among people doing the same job or speaking the same language in different parts of the world will grow stronger.

The traditional concepts of distance and location, which have normally created both mixing and separation, will be completely changed as a result of the technological innovations which are rapidly diffusing.

Developing technology and changing the marketing communication create new market place for consumers.

They can enjoy shopping through internet which saves their time and according to their preference would be cheaply. In fact, Internet and related new technology has changed the face of marketing communications.

Much like the inception of radio and television affected business communications several years ago, the Internet is turning marketing methods of the past on their heads and recreating the environmental site of business. Experience has shown there will be winners and losers in the centre of these changes, but we can stay on top by making sure our Online Marketing and Advertising efforts are current and applicable to today's customer.

Technological change has the power to modernize the way people live. It will vary, in ways that are only softly possible, decisions about where people work and what kind of work they do, concepts of national borders and sovereignty, and patterns of international trade.

These days, changes take place as communications and computers are combined in new ways. Changing and developing the communication channel Fibre-optic networks and digital compression make it possible to everybody to have a personalized television channels in near future.

Networks are being developed like the telephone, television and interactive, so that, unlike with television, every user of the network can communicate with every other part. Mobile telephones now account for almost half of all new telephone connections worldwide.

Internet, practically unheard of a decade ago, was being used in early by an estimated fifty-seven million people around the world, with possibly another thirteen million or so using it just for electronic mail [1].

From several years ago the popularity of the Internet with an amazing rate has grown and its function has changed from protection to marketable application.

Internet consists of thousands of computer networks interrelated on a global scale. Those networks may offer services that people use to communicate with one another or to find and retrieve data all around the world.

Marketplace has changed more in the five past years than in the past ten.

History and Geography–The Foundations of Culture

Consumers have changed beyond recognition and their behaviour is become more complicated. Their media lifestyles are different and become more outspoken. They have a different correlation with brands these days and are more sensitive and careful to choose their favourable brand.

Role of geography in international marketing

Search engine optimization, audio, video, social media and RSS are just a few of the terms that are becoming a vital part of appropriate marketing strategies. A movement in consumers view and behaviour has required managers to leave outdated advertising methods and learn how to use these mentioned tools to keep customers [2].

Every successful business tries to be ahead in its hierarchy. To achieve this goal the company more likely has a domestic marketing plan in place by now. With an international marketing plan companies have some additional variables to put in their marketing efforts which are portability, politics and people.

By this way, marketing managers should take actions to control a wide variety of customers in their international market which in is impossible with outdated communication tools. Companies are required to develop their information system and technology to achieve the essential and updated marketing communications.Global marketing discussion.

words discussion. Background: Some economists have brought attention to the importance of the role of geography in international trade. Originality/Value- while previous studies focused on Internet, marketing communication and international marketing, this study have focused on effects of Internet on both marketing communication and international marketing and introduce several key elements which cause to failure or success in an international marketing.

Importance of Culture in Success of International Marketing. Ahmed, et al. () admitted that culture plays crucial role in the strategy a business employs in marketing its products.

Global marketing occurs when marketing managers use a global plan to effectively market their goods and services on an international basis. There are many reasons why global marketing is very.

An international market is defined geographically as a market outside the international borders of a company's country of citizenship.

A company, to the extent that it is a legally distinct entity.


The role of marketing communications in international marketing strategy has never been greater than in the emerging global competitive environment. A connecting fact in the literature is the understanding that the various elements of the communications and it shouldn't be isolated if they are to be utilized optimally and successfully these.

The Internet and International Marketing