Nokia stratagies

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Nokia stratagies

User-friendliness of Smartphones High resell value As one of the oldest companies, Nokia has gained a number of strengths in the field of technology.

First, I will talk about the experience base.

Case Study Abstract

Nokia is one of the oldest companies in the world. As an old company it has a leading experience in the field of communication and technology.

Through this time, it has gained a strong experience and knowledge about the markets around the world. Second, Nokia possesses the most experienced and technologically advanced people in its workforce. In the field of mobile and smart phones, it had gained a strong reputation of providing quality handsets.

Without an efficient workforce and expertise, it would not happen. In s, there Nokia was an emperor in the field of technology. Third, Nokia has been providing different types of products to its market and have also been taking customer feedback. By this, they have been developing strong knowledge-base.

Fourth, Nokia has a large and strong distribution channel. To distribute its products through the countries of South Asia, it has set up customer care points and retail shops to sell its mobile phones. But still, the largest distribution network is not that much strong.

Fifth, Nokia manufactures and distributes durable products. By providing quality products, it has developed strong reputation on durability. They have long lasting reputation for long period of time. And finally, the products they produce and sell have long lasting reputation.

As a result, the resell value remains high. So, when a person by a product from Nokia, they know they can sell it at high price if they need to do it in future.

Nokia stratagies

First weakness is that it is slow to react to the competition. Also, they have not taken the competitions created by small companies in the field.

The second weakness is the low sensitivity to industrial changes. They are not very much sensitive and responsive to the new changes to user expectations.The proxy war approach if indeed it was a well thought-out strategy on Nokia’s part can undermine the otherwise respectable position Nokia has long held in the evolution of telecommunications.

The case presents an overview of Nokia's entry and expansion strategies in India.

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In the past one decade, Nokia has emerged as one of the most recognized brands in India, surpassing some of the Indian business conglomerates in terms of revenues. LG Strategies will leverage our years of experience and extensive rolodex to help your business, non-profit, or organization succeed.

We've cultivated relationships at the grassroots as well as the Federal, State, and local level of government and can make sure your voice is heard. Nokias Blue Ocean Strategy by Abby (techderetsoft).

Stream music on Myspace, a place where people come to connect, discover, and share. Nokia, once the largest handset brand, re-entered India earlier this year with its Android-based smartphones and feature phones. HMD Global, the Finnish firm that manufactures and markets Nokia.

The purpose of Strategic Human Resource Management activities of Nokia: SHRM has a unique purpose to meet the company’s objectives. Different company has different strategy and SHRM plays a role to identify the overall need for the company to achieve the company goal.

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