Master thesis pdf biology books

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Master thesis pdf biology books

This remarkable growth of the discipline of biology has led to the emergence of new disciplines and, discoveries in DNA, evolution, cell biology and biotechnology are believed to be the principal drivers of scientific progress, especially with regard to biological systems.

However, it is worth noting that the pace of scientific discoveries increased significantly from the mid 20th Century and, it has advanced extensively leading to an appreciable breakthrough in agricultural production, industrial biochemistry, health and medicine.

It is also worth noting that some of the discoveries, which have occurred since s formed suitable foundations for advanced discoveries such as the genetic engineering, vaccine development and environmental control.

Most of the most remarkable discoveries, which have contributed significantly to the development of modern biology, are based on cell biology Simon et. For instance, ingenetic recombination technique was demonstrated after McLeod, Avery and McCarty discovered that hereditary effects in organisms were controlled by the DNA, in Later, inWatson and Crick designed the helical structure of the DNA followed by the discovery of plasmids by Lederberg, in These discoveries have led to significant developments in the field of biology, especially with regard to genetic engineering; a discipline which appears to have gained an unprecedented popularity in the modern world Smith Life Science, n.

It is believed that modern biology encompasses immense social impact on the modern life because; scientific discoveries cause significant changes on human life. Therefore, this essay will provide an overview on the most important discoveries, which have occurred in the past 50 years and describe their significance to society, health and the culture of modern life.

Concisely, discoveries in biology seemed to attract scholars from different disciplines because; they were appealing and highly promising.

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As a result, biology did not only prove to be significant to biologists but, also to philosophers and psychologists.

For instance, discoveries in cell biology led to the emergence of biopsychology, which has seemingly become a reliable tool in studying human behavior. However, it is worth noting that a number of discoveries, in s led to the emergence of two distinct avenues of biology.

InErnst Mayr suggested that biology consisted of two sciences; one which answers questions of function and the other sought for historical explanations.

As a result, he revealed that the biology, which appeared to be based on proximate causes, was characterized with numerous discoveries and, this developed into the modern biology with biochemistry, molecular biology and physiology as the principal disciplines Smocovitis, Some of the most important discoveries, which have occurred in the past 50 years, are bacterial insulin synthesis, gene therapy, stem cell technology, somatic cell nuclear transfer, transgenic organisms and organ transplant technology.

Bacterial insulin synthesis is one of the most remarkable discoveries, which appear to have led to the advancement of modern biology, especially in health and medicine, leading a significant impact on human life.

Human insulin was first discovered by Banting and Best, in but, its application in treatment of diabetes began later in the mid s.

master thesis pdf biology books

Ideally, insulin was derived from the pancreatic glands of abattoir animals such as the porcine and bovine species and, it was used for regulating blood sugar levels among diabetic patients, especially those suffering from Type 1 diabetes because; their pancreatic cells are unable to secrete adequate insulin owing to autoimmune destruction of the islets of Langerhans beta-cells.

Bovine insulin was believed to have numerous impurities, which could cause harm to patients in the long run. As result, researchers were prompted to seek for a suitable technique of producing insulin in large scale using bacterial and, this was enhanced by the advances in DNA recombination technique.

InDr Teusche and his colleagues synthesized human insulin from E. This marked the end of pharmaceutical reliance on animal insulin, which had been in pharmaceutical use for 50 years since its discovery Global Diabetes Community, In bacterial synthesis of insulin, an insert containing human insulin genes is inserted into E.

In regard to the significance of bacterial insulin synthesis technology, Humulin has proved to be highly suitable for the treatment and management of diabetes since its discovery and approval, in s. Currently, its pharmaceutical use in medicine has gained immense popularity because of its reliability as a medical remedy.

This technology has enabled medical experts to confront the enormous threats of diabetes. The global society is facing enormous threats from diabetes after it was ranked among the five leading causes of mortality, globally. Diabetes seems to have increased significantly in the past two decades, owing to the transient change of the culture of modern life characterized by a sedentary lifestyle and change in dietary regimes.

Therefore, this discovery has become highly significant and, it holds the potential to counter the adverse effects of diabetes among the global population.

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The second significant discovery in biology, whose impacts are life-changing, is the gene therapy technology.A dsRNA Based Screen Identifies Novel Proteins Involved in Drosophila Hedgehog Signaling Pathway Senior Honors Thesis, Northwestern University. Graduate Student Handbook Western Washington University Department of Biology September 29, Check the lists of institutions on our ETD Links page — the thesis you need may be freely available on the web.

If not available on the web, theses from other parts of the world may be borrowed via our Interlibrary Loans Department. Sample Thesis Pages (revised January ) The Graduate College.

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