Hobos on the trains during the

But for scientists working in times hostile to change, telling the truth, as they know it, can be dangerous. This applies to EPA scientists working today as it did years ago to European astronomers, who faced censure—with possibly fatal consequences—for contradicting the official version of reality dictated by the Catholic Church and enforced by the Inquisition.

Hobos on the trains during the

It was a time to go rambling, to wake up in a different town every day. Moonshine and cigarettes for 90c a carton 30 days chain gang in North Carolina How did you learn the ropes? Growing up in the streets of East Brooklyn.

Playing punch ball all day. Being put away in the Catholic Protectory, E. You learned fast or you were a goner. Some of the alumni who went to the "C. The saying in those days was first the C.

Long line of people waiting to be fed: New York City, - Franklin D. How to ride the rough ruts. How to take it easy. It was sweet at times. He had a black kid in tow who was my age came off the same train.

He tells me he saw me getting off the freight car; anyhow we go before the justice of the peace. This is Rockingham, North Carolina.

He fines us 6 or 8 dollars, I forget. I told him I was broke and headed back home to Brooklyn NY. He says do I wire your folks back home for the money. Hell no, I say. Okay, then, 30 days on the chain gang. Off we go saying, heck at least they got to feed me.

Hobos on the trains during the

You walked into a nice size building, on one side, a big room with bunk beds. On the right side all the black men were jailed. Tetanus shot every Sunday. They chained your legs only if you got into fights or were incorrigible. There were no long terms, 90 days were the maximum if the charge was more serious.

Breakfast at a long table with aluminium plates. Corn bread was served every meal. Mush, Corn Bread, Coffee was breakfast. You worked ten hours a day from 7 a. Carl Mydans We knew right off this ten hours a day was for the birds. The second day a car pulls up with a North Carolina VIP tag of some sort, so we dropped our shovel and was ambling over to talk to the man.

We started to give him a crying spiel that we could not take the work anymore; he asked me my age told him I was 16; then asked me what was the charge that you are held here for; told him riding a freight train.Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, Jim Reeves, Lonnie Donegan, Elvis Presley, Hank Snow, Hank Williams, Doris Day, Bill Haley & The Comets, Glenn Miller - Train Songs: Great Songs about Railroad Heroes, Hobos and Freight Trains - srmvision.com Music.

Image caption Lee Marvin played a hobo in the film Emperor of the North.

Train hopping is a long-established tradition in the US, particularly popular in the Great Depression when the.

We invite you to join us at pm (family friendly) or pm October 26 & 27th for a ride on the only preserved section of this historic railway. The number of hobos increased greatly during the Great Depression era of the s.

With no work and no prospects at home, many decided to travel for free by freight train and try their luck elsewhere. The HOBO RAILROAD is ideal for families of all ages - during the Summer months of June, July & August you'll enjoy a relaxing train ride along the Pemigewasset River that takes you back to the late 's & early 's when trains were the primary way to travel throughout the region.

Mar 13,  · Been interested in trains since my early teens, my farther is a driver for TOC so I'm guessing that's where my interest came from.

Hobos on the trains during the

My close friends and family know I'm a rail enthusiast, but I'm no hardcore enthusiast, a couple of trips out a year is about all I manage at the moment, having an 18 month old son has something to do with that, when I was 17 I was out every weekend!

Riding the Rails | Teenagers on the Move During the Great Depression