Give reassurance and comfort to those involved in the emergency

Two Police Appeals Officers seek witnesses to window attack in West Tarring, Worthing Police are seeking witnesses to an attack on a house in Chippers Road, West Tarring, Worthing, in which a brick was hurled through a window, sending shattered glass spraying across a living room.

Give reassurance and comfort to those involved in the emergency

Recording these details helps identify any trends and actions that can be taken to improve safety. When working in a managed facility such as a leisure centre the operator will have their own procedures for reporting accidents that should be followed in the first instance so let a member of the venues staff know as soon as an incident occurs.

Time of incident Brief description of what happened. Names of people involved and any injuries they sustained.

Give reassurance and comfort to those involved in the emergency

Tick to note whether an MTC accident report form was completed and its reference number. Tick to note whether a venue accident report form was completed and its reference number.

The image below shows you where this is: Either use accident book at each venue, or make notes and complete an online Accident report form which is in the administration section of this website. An accident report books is available at each venue we use for regular sessions inside the coaching box.

For incidents on group bike rides or runs then download the form by clicking on it: Email a copy of the accident report form to me: Alternatively you can submit the details by completing the online accident reporting form available here.

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Retain a copy of the accident report form and the completed session plan for your own records. Managing Incidents or Accidents Below is some useful guidance when managing accidents and injuries: Remain calm - walk to the scene if possible Evaluate the situation while approaching it - try to find out how the injury occurred Maintain your own safety - you will not be helpful to the injured person s if you become injured yourself Protect the casualty and other people from further risk Remove other participants from around the injured party Give reassurance and comfort to the injured participant s If appropriate, administer first aid or contact the onsite first-aider and take all possible precautions to ensure that the injury is not made worse.

Remember to always act within the remit of any first-aid qualification you hold and do not attempt any procedure that is beyond the scope of your first aid training.

Deal with accidents in order of priority: Life-threatening situations first e. If several people are injured, deal with those who will benefit most from immediate treatment Watch out for shock If hospital treatment may be needed, do not give the casualty food or drinks If in any doubt, call for appropriately qualified assistance giving clear and accurate information about the incident as outlined in your emergency strategy If the accident occurred outside, keep the injured party warm - have a means of insulating the injured party from the ground and keeping them warm and comfortable.

If a participant is sent to hospital, advise the injured persons emergency contact of the details, including which hospital the rider has been taken to.

This should be done at the first available moment.PARTICIPANT’S MANUAL. First Aid—Responding to Emergencies I H AV E: learned to program a computer, passed chemistry with an A, and saved a life. Give Reassurance And Comfort To Those Involved In The Emergency  Informed Consent in Emergency Situations Danyale Via Professor Kreinbrink Have you ever wondered in an emergency situation as you are lying there on your death bed or in critical condition unable to make conscious decisions, who would give consent for your .

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People often use plastic due to its sheer convenience and how cheap it is to use. Offering reassurance is the process of providing information that is comforting and instils trust and confidence in your abilities to provide first aid care. You can offer reassurance through giving the casualty information about the care you are providing and by letting them know that professional help is on the way, if this is the case.

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