Essay should boys and girls study together

Grade My Paper for Free According to a study conducted in Australia, in which approximatelystudents participated, both male and female students showed much better results in standardized tests when they attended separate schools rather than schools where boys and girls studied in the same classrooms.

Essay should boys and girls study together

Posted on September 29, by etuomey Should men and women study together in college? Others, however, believe that coeducational colleges have a lot of benefits.

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In this essay, I will explain why I think male and female students should learn together at third level.

There are several reasons why it can be better for men and women to be educated separately. First of all, women and men have different thinking and learning styles.

A good teacher can use the right style to help the class, but this is very difficult if the class is mixed. A second reason that is often heard is that young men and women are too immature to be educated together. These people claim that grades will suffer because the boys and girls are more interested in each other than in studying.

A third point is religion or culture: However, there are also some very strong reasons for educating people together. First of all, even in conservative countries, men and women have to work together. If they learn how to do this in college it will be easy to adapt to working together in offices.

Secondly, just because men and women have different styles of thinking or learning does not mean they should be separate. For example, if men and women work together on a project each can use their special abilities and ways of thinking to make the project better.

Finally, studying together in college can help people to get ready for marriage.


If young men and women learn to communicate they will be better prepared for sharing ideas and being partners in marriage. In conclusion, educating men and women together can be tricky in some situations, particularly if the students are not responsible or if there are strong cultural rules against it.

However, the benefits of learning together are clear: Allowing students to learn together will make college more fun and will produce happier and more well-balanced graduates.Discursive Essay Should boys and girls attend separate schools?

SherikhanValiyeva Karina Narymbetova Academic Reading and Writing 1 Section 11 KIMEP 12/10/14 Should boys and girls study together in high school As our world has become more complicated education is generally available to both genders all around the world.

Boys and girls may learn differently, but American parents should think twice before moving their children to sex-segregated schools. A new Tel Aviv University study has found that girls improve.

Essay should boys and girls study together

Education is an important part of our kids' lives whether they are boys or girls. Governments should guarantee that both genders get the same level of education without any discrimination between boys and girls.

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Boys and Girls Should Attend Separate Schools - New York Essays