Essay on eco friendly diwali

My dear friends first of all I would like to tell you that Eco-friendly Diwali means environment-friendly Diwali or nature-friendly Diwali. Like Eco-friendly is the marketing claim referring to goods and services, laws, guidelines, and policies, that inflict reduced, or minimal, or no harm upon ecosystems or the environment. Some companies use these ambiguous terms to promote goods and services, sometimes with additional, more specific certifications, such as Eco-labels. Their general use as euphemisms can be referred to as green washing.

Essay on eco friendly diwali

One of the major causes of the road accidents is the drunk driving. Consuming alcohol and then driving is a very risky act. Drunk drivers may be good drivers but when they consume alcohol like drug, they are not able to carry themselves as better as they can.

Alcohol affects the central nervous system of a person. A drunk driver may lose his ability to drive properly and safely as he loses his accuracy of vision. Some consume alcohol at such level, that they are not even able to stand properly and thus become unable to drive, even then some take risks and the result is hazardous.

Some are very rash drivers. The government has imposed laws to control drunk driving and has also been successful to a good extent. Some of the steps that might help in controlling drunk driving may be: Price of alcohol beverages should be increased so that the drivers become unable to buy them, Road side liquor shops should be strictly instructed and checked to be closed during the night hours.

Essay on eco friendly diwali

Tough fines, charges and penalties should be imposed on the drunk drivers. DUI arrest is also necessary. License revocation along with an imprisonment is necessary for the drunk drivers.

Blood alcohol screening should be performed on a routine basis.Diwali is a festival which puts heavy loads on the already overloaded electrical sources. The time of festivities, especially, in Diwali, a number of homes and business entities are adorned with colorful lights which definitely consume huge electricity.


CBSE Class 11 English Passages for Note Making and Summarizing Prepared as per NCERT Books Prepared by Passionate Teachers to Improve Analytical Skills. दीपावली दीपों का त्यौहार है। बेशक दीप जलाएं। घर बाहर दीप जलना बहुत रमणीय. THE BACK-ENTRANCE.

The School’s entrance at the back is well - lined with greenery. It is flanked by plush green gardens on either side of the paved path.

Some other eco-friendly gift options are jute bags, khadi clothes, and solar powered gadgets.

Essay on eco friendly diwali

To give the gift a personal touch, make a card from recycled paper to go with it. Also, remember to pack your gifts in newspapers instead of shiny plastic wraps.

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