Essay on consumer protection act 1986

By the early s some administrators within the East India Company were questioning if this was a sensible use of the money. James Mill noted that the declared purpose of the Madrassa Mohammedan College and the Hindu College in Calcutta set up by the company had been "to make a favourable impression, by our encouragement of their literature, upon the minds of the natives" but took the view that the aim of the company should have been to further not Oriental learning but "useful learning.

Essay on consumer protection act 1986

Short essay on Consumer and Consumer Protection Act Article shared by After liberalization of economic policy, consumer goods have flooded the market as never before. Both foreign and India companies are introducing new products and brands with glossy and fancy packing as the middle and lower income groups are taking loans to-Companies still do not pay attention to the quality of their products and also do not value customer satisfaction.

Very often a customer may get taken in by a misleading advertisement making tall claim as to the high quality and after-sales service. The consumer may discover later that the goods purchased by him are not up to the claims made by the manufacturer.

Companies are not willing to invest in efficient after-sales service so long as their sales keep increasing. Newspaper columns can be seen to be full of complaints and many companies do not care to rectify the complaints. To enable the consumer to have his right to a deal, the consumer protection Act was passed in The Act promises to rectify all that and make accountant both the manufacture; s and providers of service.

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IT law - Wikipedia An essay on Consumer Protection Article shared by Even after sixty years of independence, the consumer is the most exploited segment of Indian society.
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Three groups-the consumer, registered voluntary consumer associations and the central and state government is covered by this facility. In case a group of person is seeking similar redressal, a class action suit can be filed or may be treated as a public interest pentitin.

The coverage given by this Act is very wide. If a group of persons are adversely affected by the cancellation of a train or through consumption of adulterated food, they can go for redressal under this Act. A group of people who did not get buck the amount that they had paid for booking scooters, were awarded double the rate of interest as damages.

Under the Act, a consumer has been defined as a person who buys any good or hires or avails of any service for a consideration. Hospital which offer free service and doctors in hospitals which do not charge their patients are exempt from the Act Goods purchased for commercial purpose are also not covered in the Act except if a person buys the goods to be used; exclusively for the purpose of earning livelihood by means of self-employment.


A consumer can complain against unfair trade practices, defective goods and overcharging. An unfair trade practice means any deceptive or unfair practice, False claims regarding quality of goods and services and bargain sales without reduction of prices, false and misleading advertising, all come in the ambit of this Act.

Other examples of unfair practices are hoarding of goods to extract higher price, conduct of lottery, contest, game of skill or chance for sale promotion, and selling goods which are substandard.

Giving of guarantee that is not based on adequate tests, falsely representing any second hand goods or that the seller has a sponsorship which he does not have, are all unfair practices.

Defects have been defined as any fault, imperfection, shortcoming in quality, quantity, purity, potency or standard which is required to be maintained by or under any law for the time being in force, or as is claimed by the trader in any manner whatsoever in reaction to any goods.

Defects in service include the provisions of facilities in connection with banking, finance, insurance, transport, electric supply, hotels, entertainment, and so on.

All services provided by professionals such as lawyers, doctors and architects are included, except contracts of personal service between master and servant.

Essay on consumer protection act 1986

A restrictive trade practice is defined as any trade practice that requires a customer to buy, hire or avail any goods or services as a condition precedent for buying any other goods or services.

Thus a dealer who forces someone to buy a gas stove with a gas connection is said to be indulging in a restrictive trade practice.

Essay on consumer protection act 1986

A time limit of two years has been prescribed in the Act within which a complaint must be filed. A delay in flaring a case can, however, be condoned by the court in exceptional cases.

The jurisdiction of the courts has been fixed according to the value of the compensation claimed or the cost of the goods and service in question.

If the cost of goods or services or the compensation being sought is less than Rs. It must be filed with a forum within the local limits of whose jurisdiction the opposite party resides or carries on business or has a branch office.IN WATCHING the flow of events over the past decade or so, it is hard to avoid the feeling that something very fundamental has happened in world history.

Consumer Protection in India: Needs and Methods! We will then proceed to explain the important methods for consumer protection and Consumer Protection Act and later amendments made in it in for protection of consumer rights and redressal of consumer disputes.

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Short essay on Consumer and Consumer Protection Act. Article shared by. To enable the consumer to have his right to a deal, the consumer protection Act was passed in The Act promises to rectify all that and make accountant both the manufacture; s and providers of service.

Membership Consumer Protection Act, Introduction & Definitions A consumer is a user of goods and services. Any person paying for goods and services which he uses is entitled to expect that the goods and services are .

Short essay on Consumer and Consumer Protection Act