Diagnosis of psychological disorders and treatment essay

The study of etiology, clinic and the dynamics of a personality disorder convinces us that personality pathology is of great interest to the general and forensic psychiatry, psychology and social sciences. The study of psychological disorders is described in more than century-long history of development; thus, the study of psychopathological, biological and social mechanisms of pathogenesis and the social and legal aspects of the place were connected for a long time. Nowadays modern development of psychological sciences involves the use of the entire spectrum of research in the frames of clinical approach, from pathopsychological techniques and clinical interview to biochemical and electrophysiological methods. The main advantage of this classification is in fact that DSM-IV-TR helps to understand a more comprehensive picture of not only complex, but also concurrent mental disorders.

Diagnosis of psychological disorders and treatment essay

A number of independent psychologists and health organizations are proposing diverse interpretations with regard to what CBT in psychosis treatment really refers to. For example, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence proposes CBT with a small amount of evidence, whereas Maddoxa psychologist, maintains that psychosis denotes a broad or umbrella term applied to a group of symptoms, which are divided into negative or positive.

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This classification does not imply that some symptoms are bad while others are good; rather, the intention is expressing that some symptoms add a new element, while others take away an element. Positive symptoms constitute those which add a kind of unusual experience such as delusions, i.

Negative symptoms, on the other hand, deal with some elements the individual is deprived of such as, lack of motivation avolitionemotion, or enjoyment anhedonia.

Multiple researches have indeed shown that CBT for psychotics can assist them in leaving behind some experiences or behaviors responsible for their indulgence in bad behaviors or activities.

Numerous other academic works and reviews prove that CBT in treating psychotics reduces their symptoms, including hallucinations and delusions, in addition to some mental processing correlates of the positive symptoms.

These findings explicitly indicate that CBT treatment for psychotics in functioning levels, low mood, and anxiety levels, come under other benefits the patients can achieve.

Fundamentally, CBT's intent is to treat functional inefficiencies, such as distress, which are linked to psychosis.

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Maddox states, in this regard, that the goal of CBT is not always to stop a patient from, say, hearing voices; rather, it may change the patient's perception of the voices, lending a less threatening, and different, meaning to them. While studying CBT in the context of psychosis treatment, the foremost step to be taken is attempting to identify the different kinds of strange experiences an individual undergoes, as well as the precise time frame of occurrence of these experiences.

The most helpful step for therapists will probably be recognizing the aims and goals of individual patients while going into therapy. Lovell and Velpry maintain that the perspective of patients isn't independently confessed by them; rather, it is in, and influenced by, a context, which is why, if patients fail to display even a small degree of independence in the course of therapy, they won't recover easily.

Many clients who have been administered this therapy have displayed huge changes within short spans of time.

Diagnosis of psychological disorders and treatment essay

Gould, Bolton, and Mueser are of the view that CBT is the only therapy that has an immensely short gap of follow-up for chronic schizophrenics.

Turkington, Kingdon, and Turnerclaim that CBT can be effectively employed in community settings. Their research, which was in the form of a case studyentailed CBT training in psychosis for community nurses specialized in the field of psychiatric nursing, for a day time period.

While analyzing study result, the researchers found that CBT was effectively implemented by the trained nurses in reducing depression and general symptoms, and offering insight improvement. Moreover, hallucinations and other such psychotic symptoms, which are associated with gradual delusions or trauma, can be treated through brief CBT administration.

CBT specialists administer anywhere between 20 and 50 CBT treatment sessions in such psychotic cases, effectively curing the patient. The treatment method is considered to have a high success rate among patients with various types of psychosis, as previously performed studies have proven zero cases of patient indulgence in violence, agitation, or….To what extent do the negative implications of a psychiatric diagnosis outweigh the benefits?

ill might be harmful outside of the implications for possible treatment with which such a diagnosis would bring. theory has the most interesting things to say and it is here this essay argues that the most harmful aspects of a diagnosis of.

Essay Symptoms And Treatment Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. character. Post traumatic stress disorder is a very severe condition that contains several different types that can affect the mind of people in distinctive ways,as shown in Holden Caulfield, and it is often treated with different types of therapy.

Psychological disorders information including symptoms, diagnosis, misdiagnosis, treatment, causes, patient stories, videos, forums, prevention, and prognosis. Essay on Diagnosis and Treatment of Schizophrenia - Schizophrenia is one of the disorders that have been debated over the years also it has a difficult past and it is a psychological disorder that is noticeable by numerous diminished thinking, behaviours and emotions.

Multiple sclerosis often misdiagnosed as mental disorder: The early stages of multiple sclerosis may cause various general feelings of wellness, happiness, euphoria, or .

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