Deterioration of the nuclear family

Micallef is a best-selling military history and world affairs author, and keynote speaker. Follow him on Twitter JosephVMicallef. Pakistan's nuclear weapons program, however, which proceeded both those of Tehran and Pyongyang, and which supplied invaluable assistance to jumpstart both those programs, may prove to be just as dangerous and just as destabilizing as those of North Korea and Iran. Pakistan is well on its way, within the next decade, to amassing the third largest stockpile of nuclear weapons.

Deterioration of the nuclear family

We know the arguments: The right, in good company with our founding fathers, believe that fewer guns will equal more problems.

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I, like most conservatives, hold fast to the popular mantra: They can be used for self-defense, for hunting, for recreation, or, they can be used for murder. Their purpose is dependent entirely on the intent of the person using it. However, the argument against focusing on the person behind the gun is legitimate: That would be akin to going the doctor, getting diagnosed with cancer, and, as a cure, receiving a prescription for pain medication.

Because, not only are we devastated by the loss of life like everyone else, we also know that we, Deterioration of the nuclear family with all Republicans and members of the NRA, are going to get blamed.

So, rest assured — we care about gun safety.


So, yes, let us evaluate current protocol. Let us propose legislation if we so choose. Let us discuss possible systems that could make schools more secure. Let us highlight mental health issues.

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Just as fissures in construction are often caused by a crumbling foundation, so fissures in society can be attributed to deterioration at its base. For us, this deterioration begins with the breakdown of the American family. In the book, Home Economics: The Consequences of Changing Family Structure, Nick Schulz presents data that shows the deconstruction of the nuclear family since Therefore, our culture has evolved to glorifying singleness — and even single parenthood — rather than embracing the nuclear family.

This has led to a higher risk of emotional distress, of psychological immaturity and social and financial immobility for many children who were raised in single-parent homes, which in turn negatively affects societies economically and socially. This is not to say that this is the sole cause for young people committing acts of violence.


This is to argue that the deterioration of the family has hurt society as a whole, and children, specifically. The family has been redefined, and, as a consequence, so has community. Barna reported that 6 in 10 young people leave the church by age Furthermore, a study by the Social Science Department at UCLA cites a clear link between loneliness and isolation and delinquent behavior.

Fatherlessness, in particular, seems to play a key role in violence among young men.

Deterioration of the nuclear family

In fact, the majority of school shooters come from fatherless homes. Bradford Wilcox suggests that boys who grow up in single-mother homes are twice as likely to commit crimes than those who grow up with a present father. Both sons and daughters are more likely to be depressed without a strong relationship with a father.

The breakdown of the American family hurts our adolescent who often grow to be hurt adults, which consequently leads to a cycle of pain and violence. All of this said, correlation does not necessarily equal causation. So, if we want to get real about talking about solutions to violence and crime in America, we need to talk about the truth behind these crimes and criminals.

Why not start there?The idea of family has evolved in the last century from the extended family towards a narrower concept, the so-called nuclear family. Relationships with relatives other than very close ones are.

“I became gravely concerned about the likelihood of deterioration in U.S.-international relations, especially regarding nuclear issues,” said Bernstein Gallery Co-Director Mary Hamill.

Deterioration of the nuclear family

The gallery, at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School, is exhibiting “ Shadows and Ashes: The Peril of Nuclear Weapons ” through February 1, Sep 26,  · Changwook Ju. Changwook Ju (MPP’18) is a staff writer for International Affairs at the Chicago Policy Review.

He is interested in alliance politics, the causes of war, crisis bargaining, domestic politics and foreign policy, non-democracy, nuclear strategy, and the political economy of conflict. President Donald Trump’s $1 trillion plan to rebuild America’s infrastructure may be unprecedented in size and ambition, but it mimics a controversial scheme championed by Vice President Mike Pence when he was the governor of Indiana.

Number: , new single-family homes were completed in , only about one-third of the 1,, completions in But the number was one-third higher than the all-time low of , reached in Abstract.

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