Casa deposits analysis

For the rest, it has either risen or has remained same. A higher CASA ratio is preferred as it reduces the liability of the banks to pay interest on the deposits. Similarly, a higher NIM is preferred as it reflects that interest income earned is higher than the interest paid out.

Casa deposits analysis

Monday, 17 September Some important concepts to be understood are: Balance sheet is a financial position of a particular date, which does not reflect about the year on activity on daily basis but shows accumulated yearly results of which comparison gives the trend and track of financial position of a company.

The difference of expenditure and income is transferred to Balance sheet. The asset side shows the deployment of funds in fixed assets, investment, loans given, current liabilities. If the owned capital is more than outside liabilities the company can be said stronger.

The current assets should be created from current liabilities. The working capital loans cannot be used to purchase fixed assets.

BREAKING DOWN 'Current Account Savings Account (CASA)'

It is also important to calculate working Casa deposits analysis working capital or working assets rather than to use total assets i. So, while considering total assets we should not consider revaluation reserves, accumulated loss and contra items shown at both sides of balance sheet.

The earning assets also an important concept. In earning assets we should take only those assets on which we can earn interest.

Another most important concept is to take average balance instead of last day balance in ratio analysis. Because the profit or interest are the result of the whole year transactions which should be compared with the whole period average and not with last day position.

Apart from the above, CASA deposits as a percentage of total deposits, ie the CASA ratio, is another determining factor. Banks with a higher CASA ratio would benefit more, as rates but only half the increase in CASA rates. Our sensitivity analysis of a 25bps OPR hike suggests. Corneal chrysiasis. Gold salt deposits in the cornea in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis. An analysis with confocal microscopy Crisiasis corneal. Depósitos corneales de sales de oro en paciente con artritis reumatoide. The CASA ratio indicates how much of a bank’s total deposits are in current and savings accounts. A higher ratio means a larger portion of a bank’s deposits are in current and savings accounts.

Let us take an example to understand this: But if we take average of investment than it gives the real picture. Off balance sheet items are also important as it may create adverse effect on profitability or soundness of the company. The concepts of various ratios which can be helpful to understand the financial position of a company are as under: Current assets includes all current type assets, cash, bank balances, sundry debtors, receivables, stock etc.

This ratio shows the working capital capability and capacity to pay the short term liabilities.

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If the ratio is lower than it shows good position. It gives clarity about how many days average credit is given, efficiency of recovery of dues and control on credit sale. It is the most important ratio for term loan repayment capacity.

Further if overdue stands for long time it turns into NPA. Capital Funds to Risk Assets Ratio. It is calculated by the banks and published in Annual Reports.

So, higher the ratio higher the profitability. But if CASA deposits are more in total deposits it is risky also as there is no restriction on withdrawal of these deposits and it can create adverse situations on liquidity position.

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This ratio is important to measure the strength of Human Assets of the bank. It can be linked to give bonus or profit share to employees.

Interest paid on Deposits to total Income, Interest paid on deposits to total expenses, Interest Earned to Total Income, Interest Earned to Total expenses, other overheads to total expenses, Interest paid on Borrowings to total Income, are also important ratios.Apart from the above, CASA deposits as a percentage of total deposits, ie the CASA ratio, is another determining factor.

Banks with a higher CASA ratio would benefit more, as rates but only half the increase in CASA rates. Our sensitivity analysis of a 25bps OPR hike suggests. Deposits° is a 2-in-1 deposit solution that combines a detailed core deposit analysis with an online deposit intelligence tool.

Deposits° delivers valuable strategic insights regarding your institution’s deposit base and customer behavior patterns that are simply not attainable with existing deposit studies.

Casa deposits analysis

We will look at how to analyze Banks and Non Banking Finance Companies (NBFC). We will go through various concepts and ratios that can help to analyze these companies. In a country like India, large section of the population is under-banked.

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The penetration of mortgages and consumer finance is also very low compared to not just the developed economies but even the other emerging economies.

in deposits and loans. The roots of the State Bank of India rest in the first decade of 19th century, when the Bank of Calcutta later on renamed the Bank of Bengal, was established on 2 June A bank's cost of funds directly affects its profits, so most banks devote their strategic planning to attracting the lowest-cost, longest-term deposits.

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