A personal recount on going through the break up of parents

Those wild crazy and confusing days back in the autumn of when for some 35 days after the Presidential Election nobody knew who was to be our next and 43th President of the United States. In the late evening of Election Day November 7, it looked like, with it being called by most of the news pundits on TV, that Vice President Al Gore had won Florida with its 25 electoral votes and just about clinched the presidency.

A personal recount on going through the break up of parents

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The morning of September 1, was a memorable one. After many tension filled days came the announcement over the radio that Germany had attacked Poland with an overwhelming military force. The Polish army with its cavalry turned out to be no match for the German armored divisions, which were advancing rapidly.

We experienced a slight ray of hope when on September 3 England and then France declared war on Germany. We hoped that their superiority of arms would result in a quick end to the conflict and have Hitler down on his knees pleading for peace.

However, our hopes began fading rapidly when refugees that were jamming our roads told us that Warsaw, the capital of Poland, was surrounded and preparing to surrender.

The Germans occupied our town on September 14, and began looting most businesses. Our wine and liquor store was one of the first they cleaned out. They arrived with two trucks and confiscated all the merchandise, but did not physically harm anyone in our family. On September 23 the Germans suddenly evacuated Hrubieszow and our town found itself under Russian occupation.

This occupation turned out to be short-lived. Hitler and Stalin had apparently concluded a pact agreeing to divide Poland between them. The Russians would occupy the entire territory East of the Bug river and the Germans all the territory West. Since our town was located on the West side of the Bug, its fate was determined.

After several days of Russian occupation, the Russians told us that they were leaving our town and that the Germans would be returning.

They urged the Jewish population to leave with them to towns East of the Bug river. Since our town was located only a few kilometers from the established, but not yet closely guarded border, some isolated avenues of escape still remained open.

This was a very difficult decision to reach for most Jewish families. My immediate family, after a lot of soul searching, decided to remain -- especially when news reports began reaching us of the deplorable conditions the refugees in the Russian border towns were subjected to.

The towns became overcrowded and many of the newcomers were suffering from lack of food and no place with a roof over their heads. There were also instances where Jews attempting to cross the border were stopped by the Russian border guards and sent back.

Even if we could have succeeded in crossing the border, my Parents were reluctant to leave behind a comfortable home and expose the family to all the hardships awaiting us as refugees in a nearby Russian border town.

She remembered them as being brutal, and feared the most by the population. Since we survived the first German front line onslaught, she naively hoped that a German civilian administration would restore and maintain law and order. None of us at that time imagined the suffering of the Jewish population that followed -- culminating in the "Final Solution".

Back to Top German Occupation One of the first changes we experienced under German administration was the lack of access to public schools for Jewish children. Even though we youngsters were barred from public schools, our educational opportunities did not cease entirely.

Some Zionist leaders formed underground groups, and in an informal manner offered instruction in a variety of subjects to those who desired it.

A young man, a former leader of Hashomer Hatzair -- a Zionist youth group -- used to come to our house to teach Hebrew and other academic subjects to several of my friends and myself.

A personal recount on going through the break up of parents

He tried to instill in us a hope of survival and a longing for a homeland in Eretz Yisrael.The Common Application is now available. We're looking forward to a great year ahead! Check out the many ways you can get prepared to apply.

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Recount The movie recount is a very good representation of what happened during the election between George W. Bush and Al Gore.

It dives into the legal battle between the two campaigns as the recount of Florida’s votes kept the nation waiting for over a month. Jan 18,  · If you’ve been anywhere near an airport bookstore in the last five years, you’ve probably seen the face of Tucker Max leering out at you from one of his two uber-bestselling books.

On the. - Personal Narrative- The Path Towards Grace, Love and Peace When I was 16 I left my parents home. One month before I left, I wrote this in my journal: “What is the fluttering in my belly, rising up .

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It was absolutely riveting the entire way through--just when you think it was going one way, there would be a reversal. Fictional movies wish they had this many plot twists.

My least favorite topic, normally, is politics, so for this movie to make an election in one state riveting, is saying a lot.

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