A mothers struggle i stand here

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A mothers struggle i stand here

I went into full labour at 25 weeks.

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Drs chose Ritodrene because they wanted to see if it worked. There was talk of ventolin, but that was ignored.

I suffered far worse side effects than mentioned in any forum I have seen and had to be tied to the bed to stop me from convulsing off it. The effects were so bad my family and husband found it too traumatic to visit me.

I spent two weeks like this until I was discharged from hospital and given tablets to continue until my pregnancy went full term. I was given the drug first in drip form, then in tablet forum after. My premature labour began at 25 weeks. The end result being an induced labour at 38 weeks because my waters broke and nothing happened for 3 days.

The effects on my daughter were more than profound. She suffered major sleep apneoa attacks and was blue constantly. I had to get a sleep monitor mat and this was used for 3 years before she eventually ceased with the breathing issues.

SHe suffers from Von Willabrand syndrome. She is dyslexic and suffers from major hormonal problems including polycystic syndrome. She was in a size 2 until she reached the age of 9 then her body blew way out of proportion to become an adult size 14 within the space of a year with no diet changes.

She also was unable to keep any food down after the 2nd month of her life and spent most of her first year in hospital. I was branded a bad mother because she could not keep the weight on.

I burned the name of that drug in my mind 21 years ago because the effects were So profound on me as a mother and my daugher, having to live through her traumas.

If there ever was a group who wanted a class action. I was given Ritodrine in the early 80's when it was very experimental I was depressed, basically upside down in trendellenberg position sp? I was kept in the hospital on bed rest for several months, my depression was horrible and when the hospital SF General finally released me to go home, I was given the oral medication, only it failed and I was in and out of the hospital until I had my daughter I have had heart problems I'll join the suit I'd be a very outspoken named plaintiff!

I was given magnesium sulfate and ritodrine. I could not breathe and they told me I was having a panick attack.

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I truly believe it was more than that, due to the fact that they kept upping dosages of the drugs because they said I had a 'high tolerance' and the drugs were not working. I thought I was going to suffocate.

They gave me an oxygen mask but insisted it was a panick attack, but I heard them whispering and saw panic in the one nurse's eyes. I remember nothing but waking later to ask where my husband was and I was unable to move the lower part of my body, to sit up or stand on my own. My arms were limp, where I dropped the phone trying to pick it up, when a coworker called and my speech was slurred.

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When time came to deliver my son, after all the drugs to stop labor, they then induced labor with pitocin. I have read how all these drugs enter the brain of the unborn child through the soft spot, because the brain is exposed and the long term effects are anxiety and depression and social problems for the baby-adulthood.

I fear this is exactly why my son has been diagnosed with these exact problems. Not to mention the trauma he felt while I was not receiving proper oxygen and what damage low oxygen levels may have had on him I have a very extensive story to tell and want answers for my son.

I would love to communicate with others and hear their stories.

A mothers struggle i stand here

I too, want to know if there are lawsuit possibilities and how to connect there. Thanks to anyone who can help!Check out this weeks video, Inside the bowl: A Mother's Struggle, and share with someone who can relate.

Make sure to sign up for the newsletter, so you never miss a thing. I took ritodrine (experimental at the time) during my pregnancy and want to speak with other mothers about the effects on the children as they grow up.

"I Stand Here Ironing" looks at the themes of women and femininity through the lens of a mother-daughter relationship.

Struggling to make ends meet during the Great Depression, the narrator works long hours and is unable to care for her daughter.

A mothers struggle i stand here

The narrator is a single, working mother at a time. Tillie Olsen is well known now as an author and critic, but in many ways her life mirrored the one she describes in "I Stand Here Ironing."As a young mother in the s, her writing life was put on hold while she raised her four children.

It was only when the last of her four children had grown up that Olsen was able to return to writing. Need help with Chapter 7: The Mother’s Struggle in Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin?


Check out our revolutionary side-by-side summary and analysis. Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapter 7: The Mother’s Struggle Summary & Analysis from LitCharts | The creators of SparkNotes.

View Notes - I Stand Here Ironing from EDS at Eastern Kentucky University. I Stand Here Ironing The short story by Tillie Olsen, I Stand Here Ironing, is an example of a mother daughter struggle.

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