A comparison of the novel the masque of the red death with the movie and the band played on

Now our supernatural saviours are female and funny and the FX has come on somewhat, but has the story?

A comparison of the novel the masque of the red death with the movie and the band played on

Plot[ edit ] On a mountain in medieval Italyan old woman meets a mysterious red-cloaked figure, shuffling Tarot cards. The figure gives the woman a white rose, which then turns red and dappled with blood. Prince Prospero, a Satanistvisits the village over which he holds dominion, and is angrily confronted by two poor and starving villagers, Gino and Lodovico.

A comparison of the novel the masque of the red death with the movie and the band played on

Prospero discovers that the old woman who encountered the red figure is infected with a deadly plaguethe Red Death. He orders the village burned down to prevent the spread of the disease, abducts Francesca and then sends out invitations to his castle to several dozen of the local nobility.

While Prospero further attempts to seduce Francesca, Juliana performs a ritual in the Black Room, pledging her soul to Satan. During their escape, Gino and Ludovico fight and kill three guards but are then recaptured by Prospero, who points out to Francesca how her father and Gino have sinned.

At a grand feast, Prospero summons Gino and Ludovico. As they refuse to fight each other, he instead has them each choose daggers to cut themselves with. One of the daggers is coated with poison, and, upon choosing the last dagger which by process of elimination is revealed to be the poisoned one Ludovico attempts to stab Prospero with it, but Prospero runs him through the heart with his sword.

He then casts Gino out of the castle to be killed by the Red Death. Gino runs away through the woods and encounters the red-cloaked figure, who presents him with a Tarot card which he says represents Mankind.

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She wanders out through the coloured rooms and is viciously attacked and killed by a falcon. As the nobles gather about her body, Prospero comments that Juliana is now truly married to Satan. Gino tries to dissuade them, but is instead thrust aside. When they tell him that unless he helps them they will die, he orders his soldiers to shoot down the villagers with crossbow bolts, deliberately sparing only one small girl.

Outside the castle walls, Gino returns to rescue Francesca and once again encounters the red-cloaked figure. The figure tells him not to enter the castle and promises that he will send Francesca out to Gino shortly.

Amid the general atmosphere of debauchery and depravity at the ball, Prospero notices the entry of the mysterious, red-cloaked figure. He and Francesca follow the figure through the different-colored rooms into the Black Room, where Prospero believes the figure to be an ambassador of Satan.

Still believing the figure is Satan, Prospero asks for Francesca to be spared and given the same high status in Hell as he believes he himself will receive.

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The figure appears to consent to his request and sends Francesca outside, where he knows Gino is waiting. Before leaving, Francesca sadly kisses Prospero. The red-cloaked figure then reveals that he is not a servant of Satan "Death has no master" and tells Prospero that his beliefs will not save him, declaring that "Each man creates his own God for himself - his own Heaven, his own Hell.

Prospero attempts to flee through the now-infected crowd, but his red-cloaked self is always in front of him. Your soul has been dead for a long time", and strikes him down. In an epilogue, the Red Death is seen playing with his Tarot cards with the girl who had escaped the massacre of the remaining villagers.

Other similarly cloaked figures then gather around him, each wearing a different colour: When asked of his work, the Red Death says to them, "I called many Six only are left. The Red Death declares "Sic transit gloria mundi" Latin for "Thus passes the glory of the world" and the cloaked figures file offscreen in a grim procession.The Masque of the Red Death was the seventh of Roger Corman's eight Poe adaptations, and one of two (the other being The Tomb of Ligeia) to be produced in Britain on slightly larger budgets than usual.


The Masque Of the Red Death. Hey Everyone,. Just a quick update to let you know that The Masque Of the Red Death along with all the other Poe Tales I've done are live on the SHOP section of srmvision.com. *My Thoughts* Dance of the Red Death is the sequel to Masque of the Red Death based on Edgar Allan Poe's short story Masque of the Red Death.

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The Masque of the Red Death Quotes Found. 2) It was highly recommended by Nevermore author Kelly Creagh, the current reigning champion for a Poe-inspired novel Masque of the Red Death has some obvious similarities to the original work/5(K).

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